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The creators of FTL channel Pacific Rim for their new strategy game

Screenshot: Into The Breach/Subset Games

Subset Games, the two-person studio behind the massive indie hit FTL, have announced their second game. Called Into The Breach, it looks to be a turn-based strategy game in the mold of Advanced Wars, where players control an army of giant customizable robots and fend off angry critters that have erupted from below Earth’s surface. That Pacific Rim-style kaiju-on-mecha action will take place on maps that also house the civilian buildings powering your mechs, so collateral damage is extra bad news. Like FTL, each campaign you play will be randomly generated at the start, with the idea being that your inevitable failure presents an opportunity to “send help back through time to save another timeline.”


Beyond the core duo of artist Justin Ma and programmer Matthew Davis, some of the same developers who lent a hand to FTL are also on board, including Ben Prunty, the game’s composer, and famed role-playing-game scribe Chris Avellone, who’s helping out with writing and world building. Into The Breach doesn’t yet have a release date, but Subset says the team has been working on it since 2014. Whenever it is ready to launch, it’ll be out on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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