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The creator of UnREAL is developing a restaurant soap for Fox

Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce

Marti Noxon, creator of Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce and UnREAL, is developing a series about the New York City restaurant business for Fox, Variety reports. Set in the “down and dirty, cutthroat, and exciting restaurant world,” the hour-long soap, Hungry, centers on an aspiring young chef who gets a job working for one of Manhattan’s biggest culinary stars. We’re sure that different theories on how to properly prepare cedar planks before grilling salmon on them will quickly fall by the wayside in favor of people having sex in the supply closet. Also, expect chefs who have absolutely no time to spend at the gym to look like they spend all their time at the gym. Still, you can’t deny that the restaurant industry in Manhattan has at least as much drama as any other business in the city, with the added bonus of open flames.

Noxon will also serve as an executive producer on the CBS medical drama Code Black, which premieres this fall, while still overseeing her other two shows and developing this new one. So, she’s doing okay.


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