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The creator of TrumpSingles.com is developing a dating show

Photo:  Mark Wallheiser / Getty Images
Photo: Mark Wallheiser / Getty Images

Because, for some mysterious reason, the only people interested in hooking up with supporters of a man who advocates casual assault as a balm to the insecure male ego are other supporters of the same jagoff, TrumpSingles.com is a thing that exists. (Its motto? ”Making Dating Great Again,” of course.) And not only does it exist, it’s thriving, growing from approximately 12,000 active users to 37,500 active users since December, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And, godless Hollywood liberalism aside, that sort of growth is attractive to TV producers like Boxx Communications, the company that’s partnering with TrumpSingles CEO David Goss to develop a politically charged reality dating series.


THR’s story can only guess as to what the show’s gimmick will be, exactly, but Goss teases a show that would bring together people of different political viewpoints that he can exploit for ratings. “I started Trumpsingles.com because of the divide in our country,” he says, “and as this divide grows further every day, we want to see if we can help bring people back together.” It’s a nice sentiment, but coming from a guy who looked at an increasingly polarized American public and saw a business opportunity—and whose site arguably makes that divide even bigger—it’s difficult to take his message of unity at face value.

We’re picturing challenges where liberal contestants try to convince their MAGA hat-clad dates to take just one bite of a medium-rare steak, or even a baby carrot dipped in humus. Conversely, Republicans could take their prospective sweethearts out on an Ivanka Trump shopping spree followed by a romantic stroll through the Creation Museum, hand in sweaty hand. It’s entirely possible that these scenarios will forever remain in the realm of fantasy, because as THR tactfully puts it, “Boxx is best known as an equipment production company,” and its last fully realized project was the short film Shattered Bits back in 2005. But that would be a shame. After all, who wouldn’t want a mate as caring and considerate as Donald Trump?

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