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The cover art for Ministry's new album will change because The A.V. Club made fun of it, report Al Jourgensen's dogs

A few days ago, we reported details of the upcoming Ministry album, specifically its terrible title (From Beer To Eternity) and its awful-ish cover art (frontman Al Jourgensen's head on some ripped dude's body, dragging a fishing net full of naked women). We failed to report perhaps the dumbest part of the press release—that Jourgensen's dogs, Ozzy and Lemmy, have been Facebooking on behalf of the band. Well, today those very dogs have reported that after the "excruciating pressure" of our piece, Jourgensen has decided to employ his 12-year-old nephew to change the cover art and the title of the album. It'll henceforth be called Whole Lotta Glove, and the new art looks a bit like Ministry's very first album, the band-disowned With Sympathy. (Thing that is true in the above paragraph: Somebody associated with the band is doing Facebook posts as if they were written by Jourgensen's dogs. Thing that is obviously a joke: The band is not actually changing the name or art for the album, but we're happy to see that Jourgensen still has a sense of humor after all these years.)


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