Leave it to viral video collective Everything Is Terrible to turn the most innocuous of cuddly Cosby Show clips into something David Lynch could get down to. EIT's latest video, “Cosby Nightmarez,” recasts the house on Stigwood Avenue as a dreamscape out of Un Chien Andalou: A sleeping Cosby passes through bizarre scenes that include Clair Huxtable dangling from a window, Rudy tossing in her bed haunted by dreams, and a basement full of dwarvish demons. Really though, it’s just an amalgam of clips cut and pasted from all the Cosby show episodes with the word “Dream” or “Nightmare” in them, plus the season four Halloween episode (hence the basement full of kids in their Halloween costumes). But with the help of some sinister music and slow motion (specifically on a bulgy-eyed Clair when she’s telling a ghost story) even The Cosby Show can reveal the darkest realms of the human subconscious…just in time for Halloween!