Bill Cosby does not like the rippity rap music, with its rippin' and its rappin', but he's not content to just rip hip-hop artists. He wants to become one. Next month The Cos will release Cosby Narratives Vol. 1: State of Emergency, a record that takes a brave stand against calling women bitches and blasting motherfuckers in the face with a sawed-off. Sadly, Cos himself isn't doing the rapping, he's merely acting as a virtuous muse for rappers like Supanova Slom, Jace the Great and Brother Hahz to contribute songs that reflect some of Cosby's own values. Those values include the value of an education, the value of respecting one's self and the value of never placing one's hos over their bros. (Just kidding about that last one!) Cosby executive produced the album with long-time collaborator Bill (Spaceman) Patterson and Patterson's partner, Ced-Gee, co-founder of the pioneering hip-hop group Ultramagnetic MCs. The music is a mix of jazz, blues, pop and hip hop, and includes tracks such as "Where's the Parade" (a celebration of womanhood), "Dads Behind the Glass" and "Get on Your Job."