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The Conners to air politically charged live episode on the night of the New Hampshire primary

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Pulling a move normally reserved for the likes of your Stephens Colbert, ABC announced today that it’ll be airing a live episode of The Conners later this year, timed to run the same night as the New Hampshire political primary. The episode in question will see the family’s younger members, played by Emma Kenney and Ames McNamara, watching the primary for a school report, only for the rest of the family to (unsurprisingly) barge in to the conversation to offer their own thoughts on the political process.

It’s not like The Conners—or Roseanne before it—has ever shied away from politics; even when producers made the decision to kill off Roseanne Barr’s character after comments she made on Twitter in 2018, her death was still linked to the opioid crisis in America as a way to ground it in real-world issues. From a description offered up by Variety, it sounds like the live episode will focus less on explicit political views, though, and more on the rising tide of voter apathy in response to the increased influence of money on the political process—as well as the all-too-common sensation of holding your nose and voting for the candidate who will probably “screw you the least.”


The show’s cast—including John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, and Sara Gilbert—will perform the episode twice, for east coast and west coast audiences. The episode is just the latest effort on ABC’s part to move into the world of live TV, coming after two installments of its successful Live In Front Of A Studio Audience series of sitcom revival projects.

The as-yet-untitled Conners episode will air on Tuesday, February 11.

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