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The Conjuring 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is still riding high and the DC Extended Universe just had its first real win, while Universal’s Dark Universe tripped on some tattered rags as it rose from its tomb. But while we were all preoccupied with those cinematic universes, New Line was quietly assembling its own collection of interconnected movies that all tie in with James Wan’s Conjuring series. We already had Annabelle in 2014, the upcoming Annabelle sequel, and next year’s Conjuring 2 prequel The Nun, and now another creepy creature from The Conjuring 2 is getting its own movie.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says that a spin-off movie is in the works that will focus on the Crooked Man, a spooky figure who played a minor role in the second movie. Inspired by an English nursery rhyme, the Crooked Man in The Conjuring 2 only really appeared in two scenes and was reminiscent of any number of other scary things, including Slender Man and LGBT icon The Babadook. But his scenes were pretty good, at least. Oddly, much like the Nun, the movie implied that the Crooked Man was merely a manifestation of a single demon’s elaborate haunting scheme and not a unique entity, but fleshing stuff like that out is what spin-off movies are for.

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