Unsubstantiated allegations of sexual harassment, child abuse, and beating at the hands of a former boyfriend aside, Britney Spears has determinedly pursued a relatively low profile in recent years, somewhat futilely hoping to put her days of being a tabloid mainstay behind her and return to the business of creating perfume and maybe even music. So what better time is there than March 2011—the same month she’ll stage yet another comeback by releasing her new and seventh album—for independent publishers Bluewater Productions (the same people who brought you the similarly inspiring illustrated stories of Glenn Beck and the cast of Glee) to rehash her days of being a tabloid mainstay in comic-book form?

According to the press release, the 32-page (only 32 pages?!) bio Fame: Britney Spears “covers most of the public spectacle a casual reader might expect—her meteoric rise to superstardom and her harrowing difficulties stemming from her private life” but it also promises that it will “delve beyond the salacious headlines,” with author Patrick McCray saying, “She is far more complicated than most people realize.” And what better way to convey that complexity than with a comic book? Hopefully this will eventually spawn an entire run of Britney Spears comics, long enough for someone like, say, Garth Ennis to come in and explore the darker, bloodier side of the Spears mythology, perhaps in a Punisher crossover.