Second only to the incredible savings at your local Audi dealer and also Jesus, this year’s most anticipated Christmastime event has to be Community’s Dec. 9 Claymation episode, "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas," in which Abed wakes up in a stop-motion wonderland and interprets it as a sign that he and the rest of the study group must rediscover the true meaning of Christmas. Meanwhile, everyone else undergoes hypnosis and, by the magic of TV, enters Abed’s holiday special hallucination themselves, bringing along John Oliver’s Professor Duncan to help them deal with Abed’s always-fragile grip on reality as his focus on Christmas becomes unusually intense. That’s your first look up there, which includes Chevy Chase as a teddy bear, a topless Yvette Nicole Brown in a diaper, and Alison Brie in a tiny ballerina costume. Merry Christmas, fetishists. [TVdea]