Seeking a way to replicate the acid-churning sensation of confronting one’s own mortality and a bull-moose peeing in your mouth, Grown Ups 2 has found its ideal food analogue in “Guy Fieri’s Grown Ups Chili,” a concoction the Human Flamin’ Hot Cheeto created for last night’s Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives, to honor the film that is to comedy what he is to haute cuisine. As you might expect, it involves a lot of ingredients of varying degrees of freshness, chucked into a sloppy pile for your shameful consumption. Also, there’s some chili—chili that begins with the melding of butter and bacon grease, much as Adam Sandler comedies begin with the melding of David Spade and Kevin James. (“Everybody into the pool!” Sandler and Fieri say to their respective movie-chili and actual chili.) In keeping with those themes of gross self-indulgence, the Grown Ups 2 chili is meant to be “served over Double-Fried French Fries”—because subtlety is for risottos and comedies that don’t make $200 million, and totally chocolate-wasted on the citizens of Flavortown. [via Filmdrunk]