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The Colbert Report has an official end date

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Despite many of us choosing to simply ignore reality and its well-known liberal bias, the “No More Colbert Report” clock has officially begun counting down. Last night, Stephen Colbert announced that the final episode of his show will be December 18. In spite of the recent comforting news that both Jon Stewart and Colbert would once again be doing live versions of their shows for the upcoming midterm elections, it seems that Colbert really is serious about this whole “incredible new opportunity” thing.


With the airing of that final broadcast, Colbert will close the book on nine years and more than 1,300 episodes of his self-titled show. Larry Wilmore’s The Minority Report will take over the post-Daily Show time slot starting in January. Colbert returns as the host of CBS’ Late Show next year, so while it’s only goodbye for now, it’s a firm goodbye to his blowhard pundit persona entertaining us on a nightly basis. It seems as fitting a time as any to watch the man dance.

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