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The coffee mug bong from The Cabin In The Woods may soon be a reality

It’s been a rough two years for many a coffee/pot/driving enthusiast. Way back in 2012, when Drew Goddard’s The Cabin In The Woods debuted, movie audiences were treated to a spectacular delight. Sure, the film (co-written by Goddard and Joss Whedon) was an interesting metatextual approach to the roles of horror stories in various societies that had some great visuals and fun, iconic monsters. But no, that was not the revelatory experience to which so many filmgoers bore witness. For in the film, the resident stoner character held a device whose ingenuity was outmatched only by its brilliant simplicity. In short, he had a giant bong that collapsed into a travel mug.

Since that fateful day, fans have been praying for that bong, mug, or “piece of movie memorabilia” to become a reality. It would appear that all of that clamoring has finally reached the ears of the Ancient Ones, for there are rumblings that the Giant Bong Mug is going into production.


To be more exact, there is currently a patent pending by IronMan Design, LLC, along with some shots of the prototypes ready to go. Yes, mankind recently landed a spacecraft on a comet, but clearly this is the more important milestone in modern science. They should’ve sent a poet.

No word on when the collapsible bong mug might be available or for how much, but it’s very likely those interested will stay on top of it, and not just kind of forget about it.

[via io9]

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