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Illustration for article titled The Coen brothers next movie might be set in ancient Rome

While speaking with The Associated Press about Inside Llewyn Davis, Joel and Ethan Coen revealed they're currently writing their next project: a “sandal drama” set in ancient Rome. As Indiewire points out, the Coen brothers also recently mentioned they were working on a movie about an opera singer—and they often have projects in development concurrently—so there’s no guarantee when or even if this Roman epic will come to fruition. But in the somewhat-facetious interview, Ethan said of the film, “We’re interested in the big questions. And we don’t fuck around with subtext. This one especially.” They also promised to answer said questions: “It’s not like our piddly A Serious Man,” Ethan said, as Joel added, “That was a cop-out. We just totally chickened out on that one.”


Anyway, given the sheer number of genres the duo have tackled, a gladiator movie seems as likely as anything else. In related news, Russell Crowe has donned his Gladiator costume and is currently sitting patiently by his phone.

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