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The Clerks and Mallrats sequels might only be released as comic books

Clerks II

Though he’s not quite as bad at it as Guillermo Del Toro, Kevin Smith has a tendency to announce that he’s doing something and then never follow through on it. Case in point: He revealed earlier this month that he’s developing a Jay And Silent Bob reboot designed to poke fun at Hollywood’s obsession with nostalgia, but along with that news he noted that his plans for a third Clerks movie and a Mallrats sequel series had fallen through.

For fans who really wanted to see those projects come to fruition, though, Smith might still have a way for you to experience them. On a recent episode of his Smodcast podcast (via ComicBook.com), Smith explained that he’s hoping for a way to “put the scripts out there” for Clerks 3 and Mallrats 2, and he thinks he could probably do them both as comic books. He also specifically mentioned using the Mallrats 2 movie script, meaning this would probably be his original concept for the story before he decided to expand it into a TV series that no networks wanted to pick up.


Of course, this is all pretty early and it’s based on the assumption that Smith won’t come up with something better to do before these comics come out, but this is his plan for now, at least.

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