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The Child's Play reboot will open against Toy Story 4, which is honestly pretty funny

Illustration for article titled The iChilds Play /ireboot will open against iToy Story 4/i, which is honestly pretty funnyem/em
Photo: Dia Dipasupil (Getty Images)

This morning, we got our first look at Toy Story 4, which seems like it’s going to be a movie that questions the nature of toy reality, but it turns out that Pixar’s latest epic is going up against a movie with a much simpler message: Some toys will stab the shit out of you and then say bad words in an off-putting man voice. That’s right, we’re talking about Child’s Play, with Deadline reporting that the latest reboot of Chucky’s stabby rampage is going to open on June 21, which happens to be the exact same day as Toy Story 4. This is going to be an absolute gift for the marketing department working on Child’s Play, which can now put meta-gags about Toy Story in all of its posters and trailers—assuming that wasn’t already the plan.


We don’t want to give up a golden idea, but the first red-band teaser can just be Chucky saying “Hey kids, come see the fucking toy movie on June 21" before cutting to a montage of him stabbing people and saying more bad words.

Also, it’s worth noting that this Child’s Play movie reboot is unrelated to the Child’s Play TV series that’s in the works, as that one will continue the existing Child’s Play story from the older movies.

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