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The chase continues in the latest trailer for Killing Eve's second season

Photo: AMC

Less than one month until its premiere, AMC and BBC America have shared yet another trailer for the second season of Killing Eve, one of our favorite shows of 2018. Here, we watch MI6 agent Eve’s obsession with Villanelle and her sartorial flawlessness grow ever-deeper; meanwhile, a series of brutal one-liners assure us that, despite the loss of showrunner Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the series hasn’t lost its comedic edge.

In the second season, the action picks up just 36 seconds after the end of the final episode of season one,” reads a synopsis. “Villanelle has disappeared and Eve is left reeling, having no idea if the woman she stabbed is alive or dead. With both of them in deep trouble, Eve has to find Villanelle before someone else does…but unfortunately, she’s not the only person looking for her.”


Watch the full trailer below ahead of the show’s April 7 premiere.

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