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The Chameleon might be the bad guy in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but the evidence is pretty thin

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Welcome to Development Hell, the fiery pit into which we fling recent developments in casting, distribution, and everything else that’s new and mildly interesting in the Boschian phantasmagoria of the entertainment industry.

We’re all still reeling from the conclusion of Dan In Real Life 2, one of the funniest and most talented recurring jokes in the history of The A.V. Club, but the show/Steve Carell movie must go on, and there’s no better way to honor the brilliant legacy of Dan In Real Life 2 and everything it has meant to this site than by making some sarcastic jokes about pop culture news. So let’s just do that.

  • As much as we’d all like to see the Green Goblin for a third time, it looks like the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel might be bringing in another villain who has never been in a movie before. We don’t have much to go on here, but Turkish actor Numan Acar has been cast in Spider-Man: Far From Home as a man named Dimitri, which happens to be the same first name as the shapeshifting supervillain Chameleon. The thing about the Chameleon, though, is that he might be in the movie even if we never see him in the movie, so we’re going to consider this news 100 percent confirmed. [via Deadline]
  • Overlord, the World War II zombie movie produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot studio that is (probably) not a Cloverfield movie, is getting bumped back from its original October 26 release date. It’ll now open on November 9, but at least Bad Robot has released a new trailer. It’s tonally all over the place, but that could be fun. [via Deadline]
  • Kate Winslet, Diane Keaton, and Mia Wasikowska are set to star in Blackbird, a remake of the Danish film Silent Heart. It’s about a terminally ill woman (Keaton) who decides to spend one last weekend with her family before killing herself, which just sounds like a real blast. When should we all start lining up to see this? Immediately? Awesome. [via Variety]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is joining the emergency response gang in season two of Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear’s 9-1-1 on Fox, and you can hear her voice in this dramatic earthquake-themed teaser for the show. The show comes back in September. [via Deadline]
  • Lawnmower Man came out 26 years ago, but director Brett Leonard still believes he has “a foot firmly in VR,” so he’s returning to virtual reality for a project called Hollywood Rooftop. It’ll be a 10-episode drama series about up-and-coming actors that you can watch in VR, and it will also be a feature film about up-and-coming actors that you can watch as a normal “2D” movie. Of course, the opposite of virtual reality is just reality, so it’s stupid to refer to non-VR things as “2D” and we would be more than happy to die on that particular hill. [via Deadline]
  • The Paramount Network (rest in peace, Spike TV) has announced that its Paul Walker documentary I Am Paul Walker will air on August 11. It has interviews with Tyrese Gibson, director Rob Cohen, and Walker’s family. [via Variety]
  • Neve Campbell is really excited about Freeform’s upcoming revival of Party Of Five, and she “probably would” do a cameo or something if they ask her to. We weren’t the star of the original Party Of Five series, but we’d also probably do a cameo if Freeform asked us to. [via TVLine]
  • We recently got our first look at Olivia Colman as the new Queen Elizabeth in Netflix’s The Crown, and now we have a look at Helena Bonham Carter’s new Princess Margaret. We assume she’s going to be bringing some wild, Tim Burton-style energy to the next few seasons of the show, and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s finally time for that monarchy to go off the rails.

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