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The Chainsmokers, the Alpha Betas of EDM, are back with a new song to slam nerds into lockers to. Though it sounds no different than their typical three-chord bombast, it does break the duo’s sweat-flecked mold by name-checking a much better band: Beach House. The Baltimore dream-pop outfit appear in the opening lines of the song (also titled “Beach House”): “Woke up on the west side/ Listening to Beach House, taking my time.”

They also acknowledged the band’s influence on Twitter, where the group said they tried to capture “that classic OG Chainsmoker feel” by returning to their roots, which we imagine are floating at the bottom of a Budweiser tallboy somewhere.


It’s hard not to feel as if the name’s been sullied somewhat, especially since it precedes lyrics about boning on a sink and an ominous “red pill,” a phrase that, in broader culture, went from being a Matrix reference to an alt-right term for one’s conversion into a MAGA chud. The “red pill” bit could just be a lark, of course, but would it really be that surprising if the bros are regular visitors to r/The_Donald?

Anyways, you can see the video for “Beach House” here, though you could also watch Beach House’s new video for 7's “Pay No Mind,” which just dropped yesterday. Check it out below.

[via Stereogum]


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