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[This is a news post about ABC’s The Catch that includes some spoilers for Suits’ latest season, so proceed at your own well-dressed caution. Naturally, there’s also a Catch spoiler.]

Gina Torres has spent six seasons lending the legal proceedings on USA’s Suits a certain gravitas, which is useful on a show in which we’re supposed to shrug off the constant fraud being committed by one of the main characters, who’s a (pretend) lawyer. The Firefly and Revenge actress has just filed her last suit on the legal drama, though, as Jessica Pearson parted ways with Mike and Harvey in Wednesday’s season finale. But Torres, who’s one of our favorite actresses in the ’verse, will remain well shod on the small screen, as Variety reports that she’s just joined the cast of ABC’s The Catch.


The publication doesn’t have any real details about Torres’ role, but she shouldn’t have any trouble catching on in season two, which will reveal the aftermath of Ben’s false confession. Mireille Enos and Peter Krause are returning, of course—they’ll be joined by Torres and T.R. Knight, who will be reunited with his Grey’s Anatomy boss, Shonda Rhimes.

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