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The Cat In The Hat terrorizes a new group of children in this recut It trailer

Screenshot: But Without/YouTube

Seeing that there’s nothing scarier than an unhinged Mike Myers flinging “boner, bat-in-the-crotch, and gonorrhea jokes” at small, unsupervised children in an uncanny amalgam of thick fur and makeup, 2003’s The Cat In The Hat movie soon found its trailer recut as a horror movie. Several times. The latest (and perhaps greatest) cut was from YouTube user But Without.

Their fascination with Myers’ most unfortunate character (The Love Guru is a close second) didn’t end there, though. After a trailer for Andrés Muschietti’s forthcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s It spooked the internet last week, But Without decided the freaky teaser could stand to be a little scarier. You know where this is going.

But Without doesn’t just insert the man-cat and his eerie, open-mouthed grin. He also weaves in clips of The Cat In The Hat’s symmetrical fantasy suburb and even the film’s monstrous cleaning machine, which here terrorizes poor Mike Hanlon. Mike Myers would’ve made a pretty good Pennywise, if we’re being honest.


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