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The cast of The Crown dancing to Lizzo “was never meant to see the light of day”

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Certain things are so obviously, undeniably true that no additional proof of said truth should be needed. Do we need more evidence that gravity exists? Who requires more proof of, say, climate change, besides disingenuous buttholes who just don’t care and are pretending to require more science? Yet here we are, and we feel compelled to add to the pile of abundant evidence that reinforces one simple truth: Both Olivia Colman and Gillian Anderson are too good for this cold world.

That is not a slight on the rest of the cast of The Crown (we see you back there, Tobias Menzies! We love that thing where you tighten your jaw to indicate emotional distress! It is very effective!) but really, these two. Just watch this video, which includes a) a delightful Seth Meyers/G.-Ands interview, and b) another video in which the cast of The Crown, led by Colman and Anderson, do a little choreo to Lizzo’s “Good As Hell.” We’ve cued it up to the relevant section, but if you want to skip right to the dance and avoid the charming context, jump ahead to 2:30.

Look at those co-workers, having a little laugh on their break! Josh O’Connor looks so uncomfortable but also kind of delighted! What a gas. Meyers notes in the interview that this was pre-pandemic, so roughly six years ago emotionally, some context that’s even more important than Anderson’s note that the video was filmed for members of Olivia Colman’s local dance class. But really, they’re both important pieces of context, because now we know that Olivia Colman takes a local dance class and shares fun videos with her dance friends, and that’s the kind of celebrity gossip we want. Take a seat, TMZ, you’re over, you’re done, from now on we just want dance buddies of Olivia Colman’s to leak videos of her dancing with all her castmates.


Anyway, it’s a delight. Our only wish is that we could see Helena Bonham Carter’s face, because we bet that she, too, was feeling good as hell.

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