Fire up that loud, Mr. Sulu! Another round of shots! The defiant “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon is a song which has seized the collective imagination of the Internet in the past few months and has already been used as appropriate musical accompaniment to boating mishaps and heroically reckless driving. And now the song has found perhaps its highest calling in a supercut which shows the cast of Star Trek (both the original series and The Next Generation) flopping around on the bridge of the Enterprise like untethered crash test dummies as they pretend that their ship has either hit something or been hit by something. When coupled with the vigorous shaking of the camera, this bit of crude pantomime does suggest that the vessel has indeed been violently jolted. It’s a corny but effective gimmick every Trek fan knows well, but these familiar moments have been rendered completely ridiculous by some painstaking Redditors who have taken the time to stabilize these shots and show what is actually happening on the Star Trek set. Namely, the actors look like uncoordinated fools stumbling around the room in a manner more befitting Jerry Lewis. For some mysterious reason, meanwhile, the supercut also contains a shot of Patrick Stewart gyrating in his chair while wearing a lascivious, unwholesome grin.