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The cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine wishes you a wonderful Christmas season

Graphic: John C. Worsley

When Star Trek grapples with religion it usually does so through alien cultures, not human ones. But there’s got to be at least a few members of Starfleet who celebrate Christmas (Miles O’Brien definitely likes a good spiked egg nog). And this Deep Space Nine-themed Christmas carol brings some Federation spirit to the holiday season. Inspired by a 2013 video that features Captain Picard “singing” “Let It Snow,” YouTube user John C. Worsley creatively reedited the DS9 ensemble into their own unique rendition of “Wonderful Christmas Time,” now dubbed “Wonderful Deep Space Nine.”

Within the confines of the video’s goofy premise, Worsley actually captures the characters pretty well. While moody Captain Sisko is “commanding a wonderful Deep Space Nine,” the Cardassians are scanning, O’Brien is mending, Worf is defending, and Kira is tending the space station. Worsley even makes effective use of the nursery rhyme from the terrible first-season episode “Move Along Home.” And if that’s not a Christmas miracle, we don’t know what is.


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