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The cast of Scandal says goodbye on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and kills [redacted] one more time

The cast and creator of Scandal, Jimmy Kimmel
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

While Scandal may have passed its peak and headed down the steep side of silly mountain a while ago, there’s no denying how influential—and fun—all the show’s backstabbing, wine-quaffing, bed-hopping, Machiavellian Washington intrigue has been. After the series finale aired on Thursday, the entire current cast and series creator Shonda Rhimes stopped by fellow ABC stablemate Jimmy Kimmel’s show for a warm gladiators’ goodbye.

Coming out first—to uproarious sustained applause from Kimmel’s audience—Rhimes (sporting a walking boot, since she dared take a vacation after wrapping the show) and Scandal’s star Kerry Washington were all smiles as they teased the hell out of Kimmel and company over that final shot. No spoilers will be revealed in this article (head to Ashley Ray-Harris’ fine, unsparing series finale review for the real skinny), but Rhimes delighted in telling Kimmel that, yes, she knows what that ending means, and no, she’s never, ever telling. “I get one last thing to say is a spoiler that I get to hold onto ’til the end of my life,” smiled Rhimes.

When the rest of the cast filled up directors chairs on the stage, it was evident how much these onscreen antagonists enjoy each others’ company. (Also evident from footage of the wrap party: Joe Morton has got killer dance moves.) That mutual appreciation even goes for a certain cast member whose apparent love for inappropriate, kind of mean-sounding pranks saw another cast member (see, no spoilers) and prank-obsessed Kimmel pull off an elaborate scam that had [redacted and fictionally deceased] genuinely worried if he or she was going to be named in a serious wrongful death suit. At least. If nothing else, the bit suggested that, like on Scandal (most of the time), what goes around comes back to bite you in the end on national television.


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