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The Carmichael Show pulls gun violence episode after GOP baseball shooting

(Photo: NBC)

The Carmichael Show is constantly airing episodes that riff on topical subject matter, and the one that was scheduled to air last night was eerily on the nose. The same day that a gunman opened fire at a GOP congressional baseball practice in Virginia—while another one targeted a UPS facility in San Francisco—the NBC sitcom was going tackle the impact of mass shootings in “Shoot-Up-Able.” However, as Indiewire reports, the installment was removed from the schedule and replaced with another that was originally set for June 28.

In the episode, Jerrod (played by creator Jerrod Carmichael) arrives home from the mall and reveals that he was present for incident that left four dead including the shooter. ”These things happen, okay, unfortunately this is the society we live in,” Jerrod tells a worried Maxine (Amber Stevens West). “Some places are just shoot-up-able.” He goes on to describe the “nervous” feeling one gets at a location “with a large crowd and little security.” As of now it’s unclear when or whether “Shoot-Up-Able” will air.


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