Just like regular people, superheroes eventually grow old (at least outside the film universe where they can rebooted until the end of time). Frank Miller looked at an aging Batman in his excellent The Dark Knight Returns series. Aquaman once resigned from the Justice League to focus on, well, marriage. And even the son of Jor El can’t live forever; that’s just science. But what if they grew old gracefully in South Florida, living together in a house and getting into golden-years hijinks together? Such is the amazing reality imagined by artist Kevin Bapp who has reimagined The Golden Girls with the aforementioned superheroes in the lead roles (and Robin as Sophia). It is equal parts mind-bending and amazing, and all the world can do is hope that some day this show becomes a reality, as Bapp admitted he hopes to pitch it as a pilot to Adult Swim. If the rulers of Atlantis are good, the folks at Cartoon Network will listen. [via The Daily What]