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The Captain America: Civil War blooper reel provides heroic laughs

Screenshot: YouTube

Not all blooper reels are created equal. Most films and TV shows lack the comedy powerhouse lineup of a Parks And Recreation gag reel, say, and to expect such would be asking too much. But when you’ve got an entire movie crammed full of the most recognizable and successful stars in Hollywood, it somehow makes all those flubbed lines and goofball mugging for the camera that much more delightful. Such is the case with the just released gag reel for Captain America: Civil War, hot on the heels of Marvel’s endlessly watchable video revealing just what Thor was up to during this superhero grudge match. It’s a short but satisfying assemblage of clips, in which tricky dialogue gets mangled, Scarlett Johansson has trouble with her weapons, and Chris Evans promises he’ll “act the shit out of” a scene, just as soon as he stops laughing.

It’s actually unclear if there’s more to come. Given that this is a promotional video for the home-video release of the movie (digital on Sept. 2, Blu-ray on Sept. 13), it’s possible the minute-plus running time is only a taste of the lengthier, even more expletive-filled reel awaiting those who shell out money for the movie. And since these sorts of goodies are one of the main selling points of buying any media nowadays—yes, there was a time when movies and albums existed primarily in physical format, kids, and you had to purchase them uphill both ways to and from school—it wouldn’t be surprising to learn this was just the tip of the Robert Downey Jr.-cracking-wise iceberg. But in the meantime, there’s always joy to be had in seeing grown men and women (especially famous ones you find charismatic and appealing) revel in the childlike glee of fucking up their duties while performing a job that’s already only a degree away from playing make-believe.


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