Battlefield 1

Call Of Duty and Battlefield are sort of like the video gaming equivalent of Star Trek and Star Wars. They’re pretty similar on the surface, in that Call Of Duty and Battlefield are about war while Star Trek and Star Wars are about space. But the people who really pay attention could list dozens of ways that these things differ from each other. Plus, in both instances, one of them is obviously super awesome and the other is totally lame.

Late last year, Activision Blizzard announced that it’s launching its own production company to work on movie and TV adaptations of its many games, including a “robust cinematic universe based on the Call Of Duty franchise.” Now, to keep the COD and Battlefield rivalry going (and to further push that Star Wars/Star Trek comparison), Paramount has announced that it has bought the rights to a Battlefield TV show from Electronic Arts, with Deadline reporting that Anonymous Content and executive producer Michael Sugar (Spotlight) are involved in developing the project.


We have no idea what the Battlefield show will look like, but the games are mostly known for their elaborate multiplayer modes that involve players dropping into huge maps and fighting over the tanks and jets scattered around until an enemy sniper takes them out. If they put it in the right hands, it could be a less-serious take on Band Of Brothers, while the Call Of Duty movie could be like a less-serious version of a Michael Bay movie (perish the thought). Much like Star Wars and Star Trek, there’s room for both of those things—even though one of them is stupid.