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The Burning Of Rome adds an ABBA-like sheen to “God Of Small Things”

There’s something soaring, sumptuous, symphonic—and naggingly Swedish—about the music of The Burning Of Rome. The California-based art-pop ensemble clearly holds a love for the ornate, ’70s Europop of ABBA, and that adoration bleeds through to “The God Of All Things.” The song debuted here is featured on The Burning Of Rome’s new album, Year Of The Ox, and it blends pristine, female vocals with delicate piano-pop and a baroque atmosphere that Agnetha, Benny, Björn, and Anni-Frid themselves might have been proud of. But the album as a whole encompasses a whole spectrum of gorgeous, gleaming melodiousness—and it does so without a trace of parody. Take a chance on it.

Year Of The Ox will be released May 20 via Surfdog Records.


The Burning Of Rome tour 2014 

May 3—Riley’s Tavern—Bakersfield, California      
May 9—Lot 1 Café—Los Angeles, California    
May 22—The Viper Room—Los Angeles, California    
May 23—The Casbah—San Diego, California   
May 24—Tiki Bar—Costa Mesa, California   
June 2—Silverlake Lounge—Los Angeles, California
June 11—Harvard And Stone—Los Angeles, California    
June 14—Che Café—San Diego, California   
June 26—Del Mar Fairground—San Diego, California

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