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The Buffalo Boys ride into battle in an exclusive clip from Indonesia's pioneering action Western

2018 was a great year for Indonesian genre cinema. Last year, the world’s fourth most populous country brought us the roller-coaster haunted-house horror movie Satan’s Slaves; the gonzo ultraviolence of The Night Comes For Us; and the rousing, Sergio Leone-influenced Western/martial arts hybrid Buffalo Boys—one of only a small handful of Westerns ever produced in that particular countrywhich hits U.S. theaters today.


Set in the late 19th century, Buffalo Boys stars Ario Bayu and Yoshi Sudarso as brothers Jamar and Suwo, who return to their Javanese ancestral village after decades of exile to avenge their father’s murder at the hands of sadistic colonial administrator Van Trach (Reinout Bussemaker). They bring with them not only an arsenal of heavy-duty firepower, but also a certain gunslinger swagger, as you can see in the exclusive clip above.

Buffalo Boys opens in select U.S. theaters on January 11.

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