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The bromance between Mads Mikkelsen and Hideo Kojima is blooming before our eyes

Photo: Hideo Kojima

Last month, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima unveiled the latest bizarre trailer for his upcoming game Death Stranding. After a few scenes of a digital Guillermo Del Toro—noted Kojima disciple and Konami hater—wandering around the outskirts of a war-torn city with a baby in a jar, the clip revealed yet another actor who’ll be making an appearance in the game: Mads Mikkelsen. The Hannibal star will be playing the villain in Death Stranding, opposite Norman Reedus, and its seems he and Kojima have struck up quite the friendship in their time together. Kojima, ever the amateur photographer, has flooded his Twitter feeds with photos from the duo’s outings, and they paint an adorable picture of their relationship.

It all started last year when Mikkelsen headed to Kojima Productions to shoot his Death Stranding trailer, and surprised the legendary game director with a birthday cake:


The two were reunited at last when Mikkelsen visited the studio today:

They had quite the day. Here they are grabbing sushi and sake:


Here’s Kojima getting in nice and tight for a tasteful black-and-white shot of Mads smoking a cigarette:


“Mads-san” even got his portrait drawn by longtime Metal Gear character designer Yoji Shinkawa:


Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for this beautiful couple to inspire its own fan art:

夢の和柄を着てくれて日本に来てくれて本当にありがとうっ;; pic.twitter.com/Z7sLDZgDig

— 梵 (@SDR_iroha66) January 25, 2017


Chances are it’ll be at least another year or two before Death Stranding is actually released, which means we’ll get plenty more opportunities to watch this glorious relationship blossom. We look forward to the inevitable tandem skydiving photos.

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