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The Bridge’s Stephanie Sigman to play a “Bond girl” in Spectre

The producers of Spectre have announced that Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman will play a “Bond girl” in the new film. Sigman will join a cast that already includes Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci, suggesting that—despite director Sam Mendes’ claims that “James Bond is on a mission from the very beginning” of this film—the agent will be pausing to have quite a lot of sex this time around.

Sigman’s casting was announced via Twitter:


Sigman has appeared in films such as Miss Bala and Pioneer, and was featured on the FX series The Bridge. That’s not a long resume, but we don’t know how prominent of a Bond girl role she has—i.e., whether it‘s a Vesper Lynd role or a Jill Masterson role. We can only hope that her character at least will reach the level of dimension and nuance achieved by Dr. Christmas Jones.

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