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The Breaking Bad movie might premiere on Netflix, not AMC

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Last year, Netflix shared some data that revealed Breaking Bad to be the most binged show on its platform. That didn’t come as much of a surprise, and not just because the AMC series is addictive as hell—in interviews, creator Vince Gilligan has discussed how instrumental the streamer was in spreading the show’s reach.


“I think Netflix kept us on the air,” he said back in 2013. “Not only are we standing up here, I don’t think our show would have even lasted beyond season two. … It’s a new era in television, and we’ve been very fortunate to reap the benefits.”

Now, it looks as if Gilligan might repay the favor. Deadline reports that the mysterious Breaking Bad movie could air on both Netflix and AMC. Netflix, Deadline writes, would premiere the film, with AMC airing it following the debut. The Hollywood Reporter adds in their report that Aaron Paul is said to returning as Jesse Pinkman.

We don’t know much about the project, aside from that it’s being written and directed by Gilligan and produced by Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein. Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White in the series, said he hasn’t read a script yet, but that it will follow “a couple of the characters” who didn’t finish “their journey.” The logline shared by the Albuquerque Journal last fall described the story of “a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom,” which sure sounds a lot like Jesse, unless Badger’s been up to some weird shit we haven’t seen.

If AMC does end up teaming with Netflix in this fashion, one wonders if they’ll opt for a similar route with their upcoming Walking Dead movies. Per Netflix, the ailing zombie series is another of the platform’s most-streamed releases.

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