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The Brady Bunch’s Susan Olsen fired from radio gig over homophobic rants

Susan Olsen, stirring up chocolate, not shit (Photo: Lilly Lawrence/Getty Images)

Here’s the story of Susan Olsen, a child actress turned grown-up lady and radio host, who was fired for going off on homophobic rants online. That comes from The Wrap, which reports the Brady Bunch alum will no longer be one of the Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics after she went off on Leon Acord-Whiting, an openly gay actor and the creator of Old Dogs & New Tricks. It all started after Acord-Whiting appeared on the talk show Olsen co-hosts with Sheena Metal. The interview went off the rails when Acord-Whiting questioned Olsen’s support of president-elect Donald Trump and his policies. Things didn’t remain civil on air or off, so Acord-Whiting called on LA Talk Radio to dump Olsen for her “idiotic lies.”


Olsen wasn’t too happy about that; she posted her take on what transpired on the air before calling on her own supporters to “send him some love” after Acord-Whiting blocked her.

The former host followed up with a ranting private message filled with homophobic slurs, which Acord-Whiting saved for posterity.

Screenshot: The Wrap

LA Talk Radio fired Olsen on Friday, and issued the following statement about their parting of ways over her intolerance. Olsen has not responded publicly to the decision.


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