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The bots sling their best pitches at Netflix in an MST3K exclusive

Screenshot: "Tom Servo & Crow Pitch Shows To Netflix"

Season 11 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 made big Netflix stars out of Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, so they’ve more than earned the right to talk back to their new digital overlords. They started by riffing one of the streaming service’s biggest hits, and now they’re sitting down with Netflix CCO (pronounced, phonetically, by Servo as “cuh-coh”) Ted Sarandos to pitch some further extensions of the MST3K brand in this exclusive clip.

Sarandos doesn’t appear keen to put valuable assets like Fuller House and Adam Sandler in the bots’ newly functioning hands, but maybe that’s because they’re leaving some of their best ideas un-pitched. And until they do, Netflix’s “Soup On All Fours” category will be sorely lacking in Earth Vs. Soup. and its six pages of “No!”s.


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