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The book and video game series The Witcher is being made into a movie

The Witcher 3

As reported by IGN, popular book and video game series The Witcher is going to be adapted into a movie. This is thanks to a joint effort between the American producers at the Sean Daniel Company (the folks behind the Mummy movies) and Polish production company Platige Image, which has hired Tomasz Bagiński to direct the film. Bagiński was nominated for an Oscar for his short film The Cathedral and also helped make cut scenes for the Witcher games, so it sounds like he’s pretty qualified for this gig.

The Witcher series stars a man named Geralt Of Rivia, who—to put it simply—is a magical, white-haired guy who hunts monsters and has lots of sex (or “a witcher,” in the series’ parlance). The stories are set in a medieval fantasy world full of supernatural creatures, with the games acting as unofficial sequels to the original books written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. IGN says the movie will be based on “themes from” two of Sapkowski’s short stories, “The Witcher” and “Lesser Evil,” so it will be effectively unrelated to the games beyond sharing a protagonist. The Witcher movie is set to be released in 2017, and the production companies (obviously) hope it will be “the beginning of a series.”


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