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The bones won't stop breaking in new trailer for Fantastic Fest standout The Night Comes For Us

One of the standouts at this year’s Fantastic Fest was The Night Comes For Us, an Indonesian experiment in ultra-violence comprised of what our own Katie Rife called “a series of gonzo action set-pieces so ingeniously bloody that one could conceivably classify the film as horror.” The plot of Timo Tjahjanto’s feature follows a Triad assassin who spares a girl’s life during a massacre only to find himself targeted by a bloodthirsty slew of gangsters. There’s shades of John Wick here, but this anti-hero’s kill count might clock even higher. If you’re still not sold, watch the above trailer with the knowledge that The Night Comes For Us features one of the best neck-stabbing scenes of all time.

The Night Comes For Us will aim for the jugular when it hits Netflix on October 19.


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