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The Bluths have released a campaign ad for family of the year

In preparation for the season five premiere of Arrested Development, the Bluths have returned to our computer screens to reassert themselves as America’s favorite dysfunctional family. How will they do this? By being named “Family Of The Year,” of course. How will they guarantee they’ll win the award? By giving it to themselves, of course. But just because this whole charade is rigged from top to bottom doesn’t mean they don’t need a convincing campaign ad to plead their case.


With a valiant assist from season four’s green screen, each member of the Bluth family gives a pitch for why they’re deserving of the award, which—as seen in the season five trailer—they are giving to themselves in order to boost Lindsay’s congressional campaign. While their reasons for why they should receive the honor pretty much range from “Because” to “We’re the best,” no one quite sums up their cause like the exuberant Gob, who simply screams, “Motherfucking family of the motherfucking year!” It’s good to see all the Bluths are in peak form for the upcoming season and, as Ron Howard reminds us, are still “terrible people.”

Also, as an added bonus for fans, it appears this campaign ad was recorded on George Michael’s “Star Wars Kid” tape, which is canonically the only VHS tape the Bluth family owns.

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