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Arrested Development

Joe and Anthony Russo have rapidly risen up the Hollywood ranks, from well-regarded sitcom directors, to their current positions as the superhero-punching, blockbuster kings of all movies. But that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten how they got here, peppering their films with cameos and references to their small-screen legacy. For example, Captain America: Civil War has a pretty obvious one, in the form of Community cast member (and Oscar-winning screenwriter) Jim Rash, who shows up early on as yet another unctuous college official with a bevy of bad ideas. But it turns out that Dean Pelton isn’t the only Russo sitcom alum to crash their big superhero fight. Another beloved “character” from one of their shows also managed to hop on to the production, because when you make a big movie like Civil War, you’re going to get some hop-ons.


Yes, the stair car from Arrested Development is apparently in the movie, appearing (fittingly) in the background of its big airport fight scene. You can’t see the Bluth Company’s actual logo in the movie, but the paint job on the personal stairway vehicle is pretty clear. It’s just a shame it didn’t get used during the big fight, even if a vehicle that takes a full minute of standing on the gas pedal to get up to top speed (and another block or two of braking to slow back down) isn’t all that practical for a rapid, successful escape.

[via Consequence Of Sound]

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