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Former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg is running for president, hoping that his obscene billions—not any bold or progressive policies—will fulfill his dream of outspending Donald Trump, coddling his Wall Street pals, and turning the White House into an open office. Since nobody attends his rallies and he’s not eligible for debates, you’d think his social media team would complement debate night programming by clarifying a few of his goals as president. You’d think that. Instead, they flooded timelines with jokes shilling for Tostidos and insinuating Bloomberg is a flat-earther.


Considering much has been made of the $200 million in ad spending and the 800-person team Bloomberg’s filled with former executives for Facebook, Foursquare and GroupM, this is, um, not reassuring. Cool meatball tweet, guys. We’ve also seen the Wendy’s Twitter account.


Anyways, expect the Joe Biden and Mayor Pete campaigns to start tweeting out TikToks any day now.

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