According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blind Side and Saving Mr. Banks director John Lee Hancock is making a movie about the origin of America’s greatest superhero: McDonald’s. The script was written by Big Fan’s Robert Siegel, and THR says it will be a drama about how milkshake machine salesman Ray Kroc managed to take a lowly California-based burger shop from brothers Dick and Mac McDonald and turn it into, well, McDonald’s. On paper, that sounds like perfect John Lee Hancock biopic material, combining the hook of a beloved American institution—like Saving Mr. Banks’ Disney—with a true story about somebody kind of screwing somebody else over and making a ton of money out of it—also like Saving Mr. Banks’ Disney.

Here’s why Hancock’s McDonald’s movie—dubbed The Founder —sounds especially interesting, though: THR says the project is being described as “akin to The Social Network and There Will Be Blood.” Yep, this movie about a clown that sells cheap hamburgers is going to be like The Social Network meets There Will Be Blood, and we couldn’t be more excited.


Maybe the movie will treat Kroc as a bit of a dick, constantly betraying the people who got him where he is—but secretly he’s just very insecure and feels bad about how mean he was to his old girlfriend. Then, the movie ends with Kroc beating Paul Dano to death with a box of McNuggets. Doesn’t that sound like it would be incredible? Hancock also manages to attract some big stars for his movies, so now we can start dream-casting this fast food biopic. Who should play Colonel Sanders? And Wendy? And his Royal Highness, the Burger King? We say Tom Hanks for all three.