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The black and white version of Logan is getting its own theatrical release

Logan (Image: Fox)

Back in March—and just shortly before the movie arrived in theaters—director James Mangold promised that he was “working on” a black and white cut of his remarkably well-done Wolverine send-off Logan. (A demand that seems to have had its roots in the film’s early, monochromatic promotional stills, and the fact that everybody seems to have liked it when George Miller did the same thing with Fury Road.) Now, Mangold has announced a release date for his single-color opus, which will apparently be getting a limited theatrical release on May 16.


Fans will also be able to see the black and white version of the film on its DVD and Blu-Ray release, scheduled for May 23. Meanwhile, pet project complete, Mangold will presumably be starting in on his next feature, the corrupt cop movie The Force.

[via Variety]

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