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Illustration for article titled The bitch is back in ABCs emApartment 23/em (sort of)

Amid our excitement that two very narrowly defined stars of a brief period in the 1990s would be mining that qualified celebrity for self-aware laughs in a yet-to-premiere midseason sitcom, we failed to notice what may be the worthiest update about ABC’s Krysten Ritter-starring comedy: It’s got a bitch in it again—or rather, the pale shadow of a bitch, as the show has only sort-of regained its old, headline-grabbing title. Similar to CBS’ stool-softening $#*! My Dad Says from last season, ABC has ameliorated its boundary-pushing moniker to Don’t Trust The B—— In Apartment 23, changing it back from the anonymous Apartment 23 that screened earlier for critics, and failed to suggest to viewers why they’d ever want to knock on said apartment’s imaginary door. Now that they know there’s a g-d “B” in there, the network reasons, they’ll be intrigued enough to investigate, but not so morally outraged that they’ll find cause to picket outside. Of course, this game of grawlix grab-ass didn’t exactly pay off for $#*! My Dad Says (though admittedly, that thing had other problems). Perhaps ABC should consider taking advantage of this season’s other hottest trend and rename it Don’t Trust The Vagina In Apartment 23? Hey-o, now that’s a title! Wolf whistle! Next round’s on me!


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