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The big fish boys just won't stop fighting in the final trailer for Aquaman

The long, sopping doggy-paddle towards DC’s Aquaman solo film comes to an end on December 21, and today director James Wan shared what’s to be our last pre-release glimpse of Jason Momoa in the superhero’s reimagined orange and green getup. An origin story, the film follows Arthur Curry’s efforts to wrench the future of Atlantis away from his half-brother, Orm (Patrick Wilson), who hopes to unite the seven underwater kingdoms in a war against those on the surface world. This latest look at the movie digs into that dynamic—Wilson, intriguingly, looks to embody a striking fusion of smarm and menace—and also offers a grander glimpse of the big fish boys Wan has promised. We also get a look at Willem Defoe’s Nuidis Vulko, who we were really hoping he would play like a supernatural version of his Life Aquatic character. 


Watch the full trailer above.

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