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TV's two hottest trends in the 2010s, apart from not being watched by people, have been sitcom stars producing shows they won't star in, and shows with curse words in the title. But no one has combined the two until now.

Johnny Galecki, tired of merely starring in TV's highest-rated comedy, is now making a bid to extend his hold over America's dwindling network TV viewers for another half hour a week. He's producing Here's Your Damn Family for Fox, alongside former Family Guy writer Ricky Blitt, and former ABC president Stephen McPherson. The show follows a single mom who surprises her thirtysomething son by remarrying and taking on her new husband's three teenage kids. The thirtysomething is, naturally, an arrested adolescent manchild, because of the law requiring every thirtysomething male on TV to be an arrested adolescent, unless he works at an ad agency in the 1960s or is Lord of Winterfell.

Galecki will presumably not star in the show, as he already has a job, but we'd be surprised if Fox doesn't use his name anyway to try and tie this show to one of the few shows on television that's  till watched by large numbers of people. Will this new show also be watched by large numbers of people? When your biggest asset is an actor who doesn't appear in the show, and your head writer wrote a segment of worst-movie-ever candidate Movie 43, it doesn't look great.


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