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The BFG trailer gets a profane but amiable remix

Screenshot: "The BFG (Big Focking Guy) Trailer" (YouTube)

The cryptic abbreviation in the title of Steven Spielberg’s upcoming part-animated, part-live-action film, The BFG, stands for “Big Friendly Giant.” Doesn’t that sound charming? The Disney movie is based on a 1982 children’s book by Roald Dahl, author of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and James And The Giant Peach. The adapted screenplay will be the final film credit of the late Melissa Mathison, who also wrote E.T. It all sounds very whimsical and heartwarming. But, honestly, that titular abbreviation could stand for all kinds of things, many of them not family-friendly in the least. There’s not much difference, after all, between BFG and BFD.

It is in that spirit, then, that a YouTube channel called SWAT Productions has created its own, profanity-heavy remix of the trailer. A.V. Club contributor Dominick Nero sent us the heads-up about this doctored trailer, in which the title character identifies himself as a “big fucking guy” and talks like a character from The Sopranos. He’s still as friendly as ever; he just cusses a lot, even when he’s around kids. “I’ll show you some magic, kid,” he says in a New Jersey accent. “You’re gonna have a good time with me, okay? Badda bing, badda boom.”

This version of The BFG still takes place in the picturesque English countryside, and seemingly everyone there except the giant speaks with a cute British accent. But the title character is now a foul-mouthed, bluntly honest American with no time for subtleties. When asked what kind of monster he is, he describes himself thusly: “I got my big fucking stick on fire. Walking around with my big bag of big meat, all right? I got my big meat cleaver with my fruit, whatever it is. I don’t know. You know what? At the end of the day, I’m just living my life out here. I’m happy.” So this BFG is an unpretentious sort who is content with his lot in life. “I’m the biggest fucking guy in the room,” he declares, obviously proud of that distinction. His movie looks like a lot of fun. Best leave the kids at home, though.


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