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Illustration for article titled iThe Beverly Hillbillies/i’ Jethro is suing CBS over ribs

Come and listen to my story / ’Bout a man named Max

A wealthy Hollywood fella / Struck it rich because he acts

And then one day / He cut a deal with CBS,

For a chain of themed restaurants based on his likeness.

“Jethro” from The Beverly Hillbillies, that is! An exclusive deal, also covering hotels and casinos—Las Vegas tea!


Well, the next thing you know / Max lost a little more than pride

His new lawsuit says / CBS cut a deal on the side

Says “Jethro’s BBQ in Iowa / is using the character that’s mine!”

So he’s loaded up with lawyers and wants more than just a fine.

For a planned restaurant empire that this Iowa rib joint supposedly undercuts, that is! Baer thinks CBS cut a deal in secret, allowing Jethro’s to use his likeness without his permission!


Well now it’s time to say / Goodbye to Max’s peaceful times

He would like to think / You folks should be giving him your dimes

To eat at his chain / based on a decades-old show,

But thanks to one little rib joint / It seems we’ll never know.

About Baer’s never-materialized restaurant empire, that is! The lawsuit itself seems much more cut and dried! Either Max had exclusive rights to the character or he didn’t!


Y’all try and take this seriously, y’hear?

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