The idea for a big-screen adaptation of Dilbert has been kicking around for years, dating back to when Scott Adams’ comic strip was still considered part of the zeitgeist, and not just a great way for your company to fill some space on its weekly newsletter. And while some may argue that a Dilbert movie is not only painfully unnecessary but now egregiously redundant in the wake of Office Space and The Office, Phoenix Entertainment disagrees: It’s hired Ken Kwapis to bring Dilbert to life as a live-action movie, apparently hoping he’ll bring some of the same sensibilities he brought to the many episodes of The Office he’s directed, while politely asking him to leave the sensibilities he brought to License To Wed and She’s Just Not That Into You at home. Dilbert: The Movie We Kind Of Can’t Believe We Made Either is being produced by Tariq Jalil, who recovered from his foiled villainous plot to adapt Spaced for American audiences to seek vengeance with this summer’s Marmaduke. You certainly don’t need us to point out the “CGI Dogbert” implications therein. But yeah, look, there they are.