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The best music, comedy albums, and so much more this week on The A.V. Club

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New this week
This week, The A.V. Club was new to The Simpsons, an actual dream come true for many, many people in our office. You can watch the clip here, and you can read how it happened here.


We also bid an extremely fond farewell to our editor, Keith Phipps. He would probably discourage the use of extremely there, as it’s just the sort of phrasing he dislikes, but we mean it.

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What are we arguing about this week
We continued our year-end love train with our best-of-music list, including our individual best-of-music ballots. Our readers responded with, so far, 1200 comments and change. We’ll assume they’re all celebrating the things everyone loves and noting how wonderful it is that we can all have different favorite artists.

This weekend
See: We will not recommend The Hobbit to you, but we understand that you’re likely to see it anyway. Save The Date, is, however, pretty solid.
Read: Jeopardy expert Ken Jennings wrote up a pretty engaging book about the received wisdom of parenting. It’s more fun than that sounds.
Listen to: Big Boi released another solid, post-Outkast record. And Green Day released the last album of their trilogy, which at least means their trilogy is over.
Watch: The TV comedy with the most exciting 2012, New Girl received an excellent capper with its holiday episode. And if you’re free tonight, Eugene Mirman will drop some laughs on you.

The A.V. Club in your town
It’s your last chance to party with The A.V. Club this year, so come watch inappropriate movies and drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade with us on the New Cult Canon tour. Minneapolis, Boston, and San Francisco, you’re all on notice. Bad Santa is coming to Minneapolis and Boston, and Black Christmas will entertain San Francisco, along with its delightful star, Margot Kidder. To find more information and buy tickets, check out our website.

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